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Rendering Ranger: R2, Castlevania Lords of Shadow French Edition

Rendering Ranger: R2 is a Super Famicom game that never made it’s way outside Japan. Although this game was only released in Japan, most of the game is in English(figure that one out). The game is a side scroller, gun-blastin’ game which will definitely remind you of Contra III: Alien Wars on the Super Nintendo, or Turrican(whichever you like).

Above is a clip of Level 1 for Rendering Ranger: R2. Now whats the big deal about this game? Well, if I am featuring it on VGA there’s gotta be a catch right? The game is extremely rare as it’s only limited to only 5000 copies, which makes it a great collectors item.

Reason why the game was produced in low quantities is because the only company that wanted to publish it was Virgin Interactive’s Japanese Branch, in which they only produced 5000. I’m not too sure about the politics behind the scene, but all I know is that this game does fetch over the 1k mark, so the asking price isn’t too far off. However, this game is tailored for particular gamers. We’ll see what happens with this auction.

Considering the low quantity for this game, the one for auction is in mint condition! Seller even has taken close ups to show you that it’s coming from a collector who takes care of his stuff.

Rendering Ranger: R2 Auction Here

The seller also has some other items, but most notably the Castlevania Lords of Shadow Limited Collector’s Edition, which happens to be the French version. The deal with the French version is that only 114 were ever made. A considerable small number considering that the country’s population has 62 million. There’s definitely more than 114 video game collectors in that large number ;).

Auction here

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