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Replicas – Dead Space, Metroid, Gears of War 3, and Saint Seiya Sanctuary Battle

Here are a bunch of replica related auctions for you guys to look through today. I’ve thrown in some other cool stuff in case replicas or statues aren’t your thing though. The first two up for today were produced by the very talented people over at Epic Weapons…

Dead Space Plasma Cutter – Forget about the collector’s edition plasma cutters… this is a serious collectible. It comes with a foam fitted carrying case for perfect storage. Awesome stuff.

Dead Space Plasma Cutter 211-V – This larger cutter also comes with a very nice looking case. Both cutters have a functioning trigger that shoot lasers from the end. If you try to cut someone’s arms off with it… it may take a while. lol

Saint Seiya Sanctuary Battle Head Gear – This item came with the ultimate boxed edition of Saint Seiya Sanctuary Battle. It was limited to 5000. This one up for auction is #0970

Mini Famicom Replica – There are more than a few of this tiny Famicom replicas out there. I believe the series is called the Yujin Nintendo History collection (or something to that effect). First bid is only $5!

Metroid Prime Echoes Gunship Replica – This statue from First 4 Figures was limited to 750. The ship also has a bunch of LED lights built into it for stunning visual effect.

TriForce Gears of War 3 C.O.G. Snub Pistol – This gun feels as awesome as it looks. It weighs about 10 pounds and the paint job is just mind blowing. The seller is taking offers.

Mario Bros Plumbing T-Shirt – Circuit City had these as a promo give-away for those who bought a NES Classic Series game for the Game Boy Advance.

Nintendo Watch Boy – Even loose, this Watch Boy is getting some very high bids…

Mega Man 3 Sealed (GB) – Another Game Boy related item that is getting very high in bids. If it’s a must have for your collection, wait for the end!

Lot of 193 NES Game Boxes – These empty NES game boxes appear to be the boxes used to display games for sale or rent without putting actual copies of the game out. That’s cool enough on it’s own, but you can also use the the boxes to piece together the game insert, foam and manual to Frankenstein yourself a complete copy of each game.

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