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Resident Evil 2 Trading Cards, Brazilian Sega Games and More

One of the hardest sets for me to complete is the Resident Evil 2 Cards. I only started to create a set last year, but literally only two auctions have surfaced, both containing 10 packs or less which is not enough to complete the collection. This seller has them complete, but for a high price. He does have best offer but I’m not going to submit when I’m only missing 10 cards.

The thing about these cards is that many Resident Evil fans joined in on the collecting very late in the game. Some of the forums I visit I always see someone asking where can they get these cards, but little do they know that the cards aren’t available anymore :(. These cards aren’t found anywhere, and your best bet is to go on YJA, but even there I don’t see them.

Other Auctions:
Turbo Grafx Express – This ones in excellent shape compared to the one I showed last week. It includes the box with Styrofoam insert, but I’m not sure how many games are listed. Picture shows nine, but you only get “a” game with the console. Thanks **Randall
Gaming Medals of Honor Poster – I thought this would be a neat poster to own!
Disgaea 3 Soundtrack – $6 isn’t a bad price for this.
Starfox Command Promo Pins
Persona 4 Social Link Teddy Kuma Plush
Super Mario Galaxy Plush Doll
Exclusive Brazilian Sega Games – Seller has a bunch of exclusive games only released in Brazil such as Nightmare Circus, Turma da Monica na Terra dos Monstros , and Sapo Xule SOS Lagoa Poluida. Even though I’m not a collector of exclusive games from foreign countries, I have to admit it would be very cool to play these games, hoping that there isn’t a lot of text 😉

CLICK HERE to buy this!

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