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Resident Evil 5 Artist Proof Edition Watch Limited 15

Some readers may be well aware of the top quality Resident Evil 5 watch that was released in a limited production of 555 world wide. I’ve seen one of these watches in person and I have to say that auction pictures do not do it justice. But, how many people can say that they have seen one of the Artist Proof Edition watches? The artist proof edition was a short run of 15 watches while the design was still being worked on. Number 7 in this series of 15 is now available on eBay…

Resident Evil 5 Artist Proof Edition Watch 7.

The price is very acceptable for an item this rare. If you have been thinking of getting one of the 555 series watches, maybe this watch will finally make you decide to throw some cash down lol. It’s an amazing piece of work for sure.

Resident Evil 5 Artist Proof Edition Watch #7 of 15

There are a couple of the 555 series watches on eBay as well. If this is more to your liking, you can find them linked below:

Resident Evil 5 Limited Watch #172 of 555

Resident Evil 5 Limited Watch #386 of 555

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  • Riku
    Feb 26, 2011


    Nice find for the Resident Evil 5 watch. You know what? I’m starting to think that the other seller of the MGS watch I featured might have had an Artist Proof Edition watch as well. I remember reading about it somewhere for it but couldn’t find the info. Or maybe the seller was right about them being made for Kojima’s staff. Time to look into this…

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