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Resident Evil 6 IVY University Bloody Hoodie, Nincyclopaedia and More!

Resident Evil is one of my favorite video game series. This has to do a lot with the fact that I’m a horror freak and am always looking for a new scare. So video games + zombies was a no brainer for me. On top of this great series, Resident Evil fans are blessed that Capcom came up with the idea for the game in the first place. Why? Because we wouldn’t see so many neat merchandise and swag go around. As I mentioned in the Top 10 Collectibles for Resident Evil, one of the coolest things (other than the mansion keys) is the Biohazard 3 memory card that came with plant seeds to grow your own herb! That’s mind-boggling! It’s a shame that other video game companies don’t go to the extrme and create cool merchandise like Capcom does for Resident Evil. I suppose that the game having 16 years of success can make any marketing idea passable to the big boss over at the head quarters whicvh brings me to my first auction.

Seller gametimevault has up the only Resident Evil 6 IVY University Bloody Hoodie on eBay. For those who haven\’t read much about the RE6 details, Ivy University is an educational centre in Tall Oaks. You can just imagine what will take place there. I remember playing Resident Evil 2 thinking how cool it would be if they made Raccoon University where it would be a whole other section in the game to complete. Well, looks like they finally did it 14 years later :). Back to the auction, supposdely this bloody sweater on auction was given out by Capcom at a press event. The pricve is pretty decent with a best-offer option. Since this is the only one on eBay I am tempted to go for it. But, I have a feeling more will pop up soon (or even in the Capcom online store) so I wouldn’t want to overpay for something. But then again I can’t really guage the price. If you don’t mind walking around town with a bloody sweater themn this is the auction for you!

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Good luck!

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