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Where I live Resident Evil is called Biohazard so for those of you who didn’t already know that now you know ;). Biohazard was released in 1996 and from then on became a huge franchise releasing collectibles, video games on most systems, Major Motion Pictures, toys, comic books and so on. But for the most part I just absolutely love the collectibles the game produced, more so the original ones, or ones that have to do with the game. For the sealed game fanatics out there here are some sealed games:

Resident Evil Nemesis

Resident Evil 4 Game Stop Special Edition

Terrible Condition Sealed Resident Evil Sega Saturn

Resident Evil Survivor Crack in Case

Resident Evil 2 VGA 80+

Resident Evil Gaiden

Resident Evil 1,2,3 Sealed – RE 1 is a little beat up

Next set of auctions feature cool merchandise for Resident Evil. The Palisades Statues are very detailed and rare. If you’re lucky you’ll find them on regular auction but the prices of these auctons are decent considering what they go for. I also found a Biohazard Zippo which are really rare although I’ve seen this particular one on YJA for $55, the other Zippos are far more expensive at 250+. Lastly I managed to stumble on a Milla Jovovich Resident evil autograph which is cool.

Resident Evil Palisades William G-2 Statue

Resident Evil Moby Dick Type III nemesis Statue

Resident Evil Palisades Nemesis Vinyl Statue Box has some wear.

Resident Evil Palisades Cop Zombie Prototype

Resident Evil GSX Watch There are some very rare GSX watches that go for over $1,500 if you’re lucky to find them but this particular watch is pretty cheap and I woulnd’t pay more than $50 for it but that’s just me.

Resident Evil Claire Redfield Palisades Statue – This is an extremely rare bust and for a very good price. This is you’re safest bet for a mint statue.

Resident Evil Nemesis Bust There’s one or $99 but the box is damaged.

Resident Evil Gold Zippo

Milla Jovovich RE Autograph

Resident Evil Code Veronia Arcade

Resident Evil 5 Snow globe Common but very nice with box, and it’s cheap!.

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