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Resident Evil Code Veronica “Infants” Music Box, MGS Figures, and a Texas Chainsaw Massacre Kickstarter Project

Today’s first item is a rare Resident Evil music box that plays one of the more creepy tunes from the series. For those who have played Resident Evil Code Veronica, I’m sure you’ll remember this music because it comes up at a very memorable moment. Check out the video below for a reminder.

Resident Evil Code Veronica “Infants” Music Box¬†– The seller of this music box has set a high price but the option they left open for people to make an offer is the real way in. Something kinda funny if you look at the YouTube page for this video… the same seller for this current music box on eBay is credited by the maker of this video as being their source. ūüėõ

Here are a few more auctions for today…

Super Mario World Musical Luigi Clock¬†– I have one of these very same clocks on the wall of my game room right now! I’ve listened to the music it plays once and well… it’s pretty loud. Interesting once but you’re going to want to keep it off lol.

Metal Gear Solid Snake & Meryl Figures РThis is a very nice figure set that looks great on display sealed.

Resident Evil Chris Redfield Shirt & Vest¬†– Here’s a vest and shirt combo pulled directly from Code Veronica. Keep in mind this is an official Capcom release and not some custom job made by a cosplay¬†enthusiast (even though some of those can be pretty cool). In the end, you can’t top something official.

Metal Gear Solid Figures Set of 4¬†– I’m not a big fan of figures that come with real clothing because it rarely ever looks natural but these are still new in the box though so it makes for a cool addition to any MGS collection.

Resident Evil Archives¬†– Here’s a cool book packed with details from every Resident Evil title (main story) that came before Resident Evil 4. Quite a few bids and less than 24 hours on the clock.

I would also like to mention that an upcoming Kickstarter project of interest as come to our attention. How many here have heard of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre for the Atari 2600? I’m sure there are plenty thanks to James Rolfe but have you seen the alternate prototype version that wasn’t used? Well it’s coming back in very limited sets with cool extras. I believe 30 numbered copies of these were released recently but these new versions sound quite¬†impressive.

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre Alternate Edition Kickstarter

You can find all the information on this upcoming release here on the Kickstarter page.


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