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Resident Evil 2 Crime Scene Tape, Golden Game Boy 100 and More

Just to recap, the Super Metroid Poster that we featured a week ago ended yesterday at $560! It’s the same seller who sold his other Metroid II display for close to 1k. I’ll laugh if the seller puts up a Super Metroid Store standee next 😆

Now after a week of posting awesome collectibles from all over the place, I have a dilemma of which collectible I should bid on.  All the goodies are popping up at the same time and I don’t think I’ve ever seen so many things I wanted before. But I’m limited to my spending so I need to boil it down to literally one decent item.  Argh! 😡

Here we go:

Limited Edition 100 Gold Nintendo Power Game Boy Pocket – The Game Boy is in brand new condition. Seller says:”These are ” from what i believe” given away as a prize from Nintendo Power to celebrate their 100 Issue Anniversary. I have only ever seen one other one, and it was sold years ago. Its hard to put a price tag on a nearly one of a kind item so i am accepting best offers.

The seller also emailed me back stating that there were two ways you could have obtained this Golden Game Boy:

1).Win the contest from Nintendo Power issue # 100.

2).Order it from the Nintendo Power supplies catalog.

Resident Evil 2 Crime Scene Tape – What the? Man Capcom thought of everything. These were used in selected retail stores to promote Resident Evil 2.
Mario Party 2 Travel Coffee Mug New – It’s always important to make sure you are carrying your Mario Travel Mug around, especially at the office
Legend of Zelda Wind Waker Promo Watch$4.99
Pokemon Stadium 2 Not for Resale Cart
Empire Strikes Back SNES Poster
Super Ghouls ‘n’ Ghosts GBA Japanese Poster
The Ultimate History of Video Games – I’ll definitely need to grab myself one of these
World Of Warcraft Blizzard Employee Shirt – is anyone getting the new expansion for this game, The World of World of Warcraft?

Halo Reach Inflatable Energy Sword Promo
Super Mario Pinball Land Table Top Display

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  • Joseph
    Feb 10, 2011

    Don’t know why that Halo: Reach sword is going for so much, several times these have gone for $10 or less. A bundle of Halo: Reach proms with 2 swords in the listing just went for $30! But anyways, I may bid on that Super Star Wars poster, it’s one of my favorite SNES games!

  • Kenji
    Feb 10, 2011

    That sword is pretty cool though… Ya Super Star Wars was one of my favorite SNES games to play at one point, I think it’s in the early days of the SNES. After that RPGS took over.

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