Japan Import Limited Edition Resident Evil Toys 2

Resident Evil Hot Toys and Biohazard Collectors Box

I thought I’d share with you some nice Resident Evil collector items before the day ends. The Biohazard Collector Box auction ends in 10 hours, and the Resident Evil Hot Toys figures end in 2 days. A couple of nice collector items…

Resident Evil Hot Toys

God….look how beautiful they are….

They’re not called Hot Toys for nothing….. the Resident Evil Hot Toys Series always attracts interest from collectors, but the rarest Resident Evil Hot Toy is Leon Kennedy in his R.P.D uniform(Ltd). This version is also incredibly hard to find in Japan.

Every Resident Evil fan wants these figures simply because they are incredibly accurate, almost 100% dead on in detail to the character in the game.

Right now there’s a lot for Leon Kennedy R.P.D version and Albert Wesker.

2 days @ $285! Click here for Resident Evil Hot Toys

Biohazard Collector’s Gaming Box JP Import:
Resident Evil Hot Toys This Biohazard Collector’s Box has been showing up on eBay more frequently. Whats nice about this collectors box is that you get all the Biohazard(Resident Evil) games in here along with ‘Wesker’s Report’ physical notepad file, GameCube Memory Card x 2, and BioHazard ‘Stickers’ for the Memory Card x 4.

There is 10 hours left and the bid’s at $200. Seller is from the UK.

BIOHAZARD Resident Evil Collector’s Box Complete

CLICK HERE to buy this!


  • akira
    Aug 22, 2010

    Very realistic figures and insane box set. I’ve honestly never heard of this box set (figures I knew of though :P).

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