Limited Edition Resident Evil Statues 2

Resident Evil LICKER Diorama Limited Edition

I don’t think I’ve ever wanted something so much upon new release like this! The Official Resident Evil Licker Diorama which is going to be released in the “1st Quarter 2011“.

Resident Evil 2 Licker Diorama

Just look how detailed this piece is(more pics below)! Obviously the thumb picture for this post has to be the first appearance of “Licker” which was in Resident Evil 2.

I remember back when I was part of an on-line Biohazard community(doesn’t exist anymore 🙁 ), collectors from Japan would share sites domestically that people have made of the “Licker”. For some reason everyone was fascinated with this monster. The sites would show all sort of fan-based stuff from pictures, to art work, to even people creating stories for the Licker. It was really a cult following. I believe it has a lot to do with the cut-scene of his first appearance which is shown below:

I remember being very young and playing that part for the first time…..turning the corner….seeing the blood drop, and then watching the Licker come towards you with that eerie moan he makes.

Anyways, Licker also made its appearance is other Resident Evil games(recently in Resident Evil 5). But he was also a b*$#% to kill!! This Diorama is on Pre-order still and can be found at the below link which eBay seller “secretcompass” is the only one who has it on eBay:

Resident Evil LICKER Diorama Limited Edition

The Licker Diorama is also limited to 750 pieces so keep track of the hype.

From Auction:

We have up for auction the highly anticipated “Licker Diorama” prop replica, a Limited Edition diorama from the Resident Evil franchise. Includes Display Stand and accessories as shown. Licensed & Marketed by HCG.

CLICK HERE to buy this!


  • akira
    Sep 03, 2010

    Watching that video reminds be how much it sucks when something is at your feet and you are stuck in the delay of the shotgun. Man, I should play the entire series again sometime soon.

  • Kenji
    Sep 03, 2010

    I want that licker diorama!

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