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Resident Evil Mansion Keys

Ever since I’ve made the Top 10 Resident Evil Collectibles list I’ve seen some of the items in the list pop up on eBay. But I never imagined that I would see the famous Resident Evil Mansion Keys!

Resident Evil Mansion Keys

Like mentioned in the Top 10 list, these were given out at the 1996 Tokyo Game Show.

There are only 2 keys in this auction; the Helmet Key, and the Shield Key. I was able to find pictures of the two keys that are shown in the PS1 version of Resident Evil:

Resident Evil Mansion KeysResident Evil Mansion Keys

The sellers completely right, only 2 sets of keys have shown up in the past 6 years, and before that I wasn’t aware of any on eBay. These are extremely rare and if you are a collector you better start submitting your offers because it will be a verrrryyy long time before you see even one key on eBay.

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Good Luck and thanks **Gene for the submission! 🙂

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