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Resident Evil Motorcycle Authorized by Capcom

Have $30,000.00 lying around? Of course not, but if you did I’d bet you’d be staring down this bad boy. Up on eBay is this Resident Evil STARS Motorcycle which is probably meant for Leon Kennedy, but I’m sure any STARS member would jump on this thing if there was 1000 Zombies chasing them!

Capcom, Hollywood Inc.  and Savage Cycles partnered up to create this STARS motorcycle for the sole purpose of marketing. Basically a bloody chopper with Resident Evil detail on it will catch anyone’s attention which is what the big three wanted too do. I have to admit, it’s beautiful. The details are phenomenal. Just image how many heads would turn on the road :p.

– Savage Cycles Violator Soft Tail Frame with 3″ Backbone Stretch. 2 under down tube. Total of 52 degree Rake.
– S$S 96 Cubic Inch Motor
– 6 Speed Prowler Transmission
– Ultima 2″ Open Belt Primary
– Pro One/Savage Cycles Wheels
– 250 MM Rear Tire/Avon
– 21″ Front Tire
– Pro One Custom Front End
– Joker Machine Hand Controls
– All Custom Sheet Metal and Headlight
– Distrssed Custom Metal Paint with Blood Splatter

Check out the shotgun on the side of the bike:

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  • Joseph
    Feb 13, 2011

    If those are real shotguns & 45’s I would consider it :P………..Nah, I wouldn’t. Man, is there even that much of a diehard Biohazard fanboy out there to buy this?

  • Kenji
    Feb 13, 2011

    Good question, I’m just amazed how Capcom approved of this motorcycle. It’s like a King approving the marriage of his princess…. kind of a big deal…

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