Retro Arcade Style Video Game Wristwatch from SDCC, Fox Hunt Press Kit, Game Boy Comic and More!

Alright, it seems like eBay has once again screwed up the format of the video game merchandise section. Now instead of finding hundreds of auctions per day, it’s literally down to 20. This means that to find awesome and rare video game items, one will need to scatter through the entire category which will prove to be a time waster for all of us since many sellers put up useless crap that no one buys and they seem to put up more than 10 of the same items (ex: a very bad drawn vg character framed asking $20).

But don’t worry, we’ll try to figure something out on our end to scoop of the very best. In the meantime, check out what we have below. It’s not much but please bare with us while we try to fix eBay’s mistakes once again.

Electronic Fun Games 1983 magazine Pac-Man QBert Zaxxon V1 #4 arcade
Retro Arcade Style Video Game Wristwatch Atari Tabletop Cabinet SDCC 2014 Watch
Tankard O Terror WOW Replica Collection
SDCC Comic-Con Square Enix HITMAN Red Silk Tie
Vintage Super Mario Brothers And Zelda Curtain
1991 Nintendo GAME BOY comic book #2 ~ SUPER MARIO No reserve
Super Mario Bros. Sticker Fun 1989
LEGEND OF ZELDA BOX SET Hardcover High End Strategy Guide Set
Maxis Sim City Supreme: Rare REVIEW COPY
MIG 29 Fighter Pilot Leather Jacket Vintage (Release Sega Genesis MIG 29 RARE)
Vintage 1986 Advertisement For Olympic Famous Earn Prizes Or Cash
Rare Nintendo 1989 The Legend Of Zelda Watch Blue Vintage Nelsonic

Good luck!

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