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RetroZone’s PowerPak (NES and SNES)

Many people know that cartridge games can be copied onto a computer with the help of certain tools. This process loaded the internet with ROMs and Emulators which has enabled the world to download every game ever made from the comfort of their home for free! Of course this is very much illegal unless you own a copy of the game you are downloading. Emulators however are %100 legal creations that are okay to download and distribute. Still, many people don’t like the idea because they want to play these games on a TV rather than a computer. Even if you hook up your computer to your TV, people still want the original control when they play. Well, today I would like to show an amazing invention from the brilliant people at RetroZone that offers exactly that. These PowerPak cartridges fit and play in original systems as though they were normal cartridges. The amazing thing is, you can put a Compact Flash card into the cartridge loaded with as many games as you want!

This card can be either 2GB or 4GB. Keep in mind that the entire North American NES library in ROM form is about 100MB and if you had every Famicom game added to that with hundreds of other hack games, you would still be using up less than half the card. As for SNES, the complete North American library is about 1GB. This is a childhood game come true…

You can buy the NES PowerPak complete with CF card and USB card reader (to transfer games to the card) here at RetroZone for $135. The CF card and reader cost a bit extra.

The SNES PowerPak can be found here at RetroZone for $140.

CLICK HERE to buy this!

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