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Riven The Prison Art Print Signed

Up on auction is an incredibly rare Limited Edition Riven art print. Now for those who don’t remember, Riven was a first person puzzle game developed by Cyan Worlds and published by Brøderbund. It was a sequel to Myst(never did beat that game). The games story continues where Myst left off.

For those who played Riven, there is no other screen shot in the game that deserves it’s own limited edition print such as  “The Prison“.

The limited edition art print shows “Prison Island”, where Catherine(Atrus’ wife) is held captive. There was only 250 limited edition prints made available, all having certificates of authenticity.All prints are numbered out of 250 on the bottom left of the print(this one’s #7 of 250!). Also, the seller mentions that the people at Cyan had this professionally framed so that you cannot taken the picture out of the frame(reminds me of the King’s Quest Lithograph Kenji featured).

The certificate of authenticity is signed, but I’m not sure exactly who signed it. There never seems to be an explanation behind these amazing pieces, and even if there is, it’s nothing that the viewer can figure out by himself. The seller just mentions everything you would already know just by viewing the auction, and he made a mistake by saying he has number 5.

For a hefty price of $1,500.00, or best-offer, this Riven art print has already one offer and it just got listed. We’ll see what happens, but in my opinion this is a good price considering the low number of collectibles for the Riven game.

Riven The Prison Art Print Framed Signed Auction

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  • kenji
    Mar 03, 2011

    WOW just impressive.

  • Joseph
    Mar 04, 2011

    Yeah, Myst & Riven collector’s are hardcore. There are very few things to collect for those games. And if it was made, it was extremely limited, and they sell for tons!

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