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Rockman 2 Dot Strap Collection (7 of 9), Nintendo PowerFest 94 Cap and T-Shirt, and More

Below you will find a listing of fantastic items on auction by a friend of VGA, Brett (Thanks for the heads up!). The first group of auctions are for the majority of the Rockman 2 Dot.Strap Collection Vol 3. The full set is a total of 9 straps but you can’t argue with bids starting out this low. There are plenty of custom bead art items out there with the same idea in mind, but these are official and look far better. The boxes are included as well! This is a seller you can trust on his every word.

Rockman 2 Dot Strap Collection – Rockman

Rockman 2 Dot Strap Collection – Metalman

Rockman 2 Dot Strap Collection – Airman

Rockman 2 Dot Strap Collection – Bubbleman

Rockman 2 Dot Strap Collection – Flashman

Rockman 2 Dot Strap Collection – Quickman

Rockman 2 Dot Strap Collection – Clashman

For some of you out there who may have raised an eyebrow at the last link there; no that’s not a typo. Crashman in Japan is known as Clashman. I could begin to explain why but I believe another friend of the site (Roo over at Clan of the Gray Wolf .com) has already done a thorough job explaining this language clash (ya, clash.. harhar) in 16-Bit Gems #32: Dragon Quest 1 & 2. Check it out when you have a few minutes. The bit I’m talking about is around the 5 minute mark.

Now for some more auctions for today…

Nintendo PowerFest 94 Cap – This was a prize available during this Nintendo promotional event of the time. The plastic strap on the back has torn away from the cap but not imporrsible to fix.

Nintendo PowerFest 94 T-Shirt – The best choice of t-shirt to go with the cap linked above! Play it loud…

Super Mario RPG Keychain – I love Super Mario RPG items because there aren’t many and it’s a game I felt, at the time of it’s release, that only I seemed to enjoy.

Super Mario Bros 2 Mah Jong Set – Very much rare and the board and box are included. All tiles and chips are in there as well.

Super Mario Bros 25th Anniversary Club Nintendo Coin – The pouch is included. Nothing more Mario worldly than coins.

Super Mario World Mah Jong Set – Another set similar to the one linked above. This one is missing one tile but it’s just just one of the blanks *shrugs*.

Super Smash Bros Melee Link Pin – A highly desirable pin but still only a few bids on this one.

CLICK HERE to buy this!

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