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Ryo Hazuki Shenmue Limited Edition Figure, NES Stickers Sealed Packs, Travel Boy Carry On Luggage

Hey everyone, here’s a nice list of auctions for today but I hope some of you plan on checking out Drew’s marathon tomorrow. Donations for kids in hospitals and gaming collectibles as give-aways?  Can’t go wrong there. 😉 As for today’s auctions, some of the highlights would be a limited Shenmue figure, a StarCraft Ghost wristband that doesn’t cost hundreds of dollars, and some vintage NES stickers starting at $0.99! Good luck guys!

Travel Boy Carry On Luggage

Ryo Hazuki Shenmue Limited Edition Figure – The box shows this figure to be limited to 1000 but this one doesn’t seem to be numbered. Were any of these numbered or was the idea dropped?

Xbox Pillow Japan Launch Promo

Comic Con Exclusive Limited Edition Zelda Twilight Princess Coin

Elebits Limited Edition Plush – Not bad for $5

SDCC 2013 Bandai Golden Pac-Man Avi Arad’s Limited Edition Figure

DarkVoid Capcom Light up Resin Statue

1998 NES Stickers Pack Sealed – First bid is $0.99

1998 NES Stickers Pack Sealed – Different set than above but also starts at $0.99

1998 NES Sticker Packs Sealed (6) – Just putting this auction up as an example of what sets of stickers are out there but the price here is just insane.

Mario Party 5 Fuzzy Dice – I have a feeling these aren’t official

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Standee

StarCraft Ghost Wristband – Not the same auction that has been floating around eBay forever

Mortal Kombat Live Tour Poster

CLICK HERE to buy this!

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  • Nightram
    Sep 28, 2013

    The Mario Party 5 dice are official. Promo given away at various events.

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