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Sam & Max – Games, Promo Items, Book, T-Shirt, and Limited Statue

No other game has come close to the brilliant machine-gun delivered darkly comedic dialog that is in every Sam & Max game. Every character is out of their mind and morals are nowhere to be found. In short, Sam & Max puts the real world on it’s head and never stops laughing.

The first Item I would like to show is a statue by Symbiote Studios and is limited to 1,000.

This statue has shown up here on eBay, BUT! the price is unfounded because the series of 1,000 hasn’t been sold out yet! You can still buy direct from Symbiote here for $75!

Comic Con Pins (Set of 2)

Hero Team-up Promo Card

Bones T-Shirt

Same & Max: Feelance Police (Complete Series)

Sam & Max Surfin the Highway Anniversary Edition

Sam & Max Season 1 (PC)

Sam & Max Season 2 (Wii)

Sam & Max Hit The Road (Original Box Complete – PC)


CLICK HERE to buy this!

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