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Samwise Didier Orc Drawing, Resident Evil 3 Press Release, Alice Limited LP

Hey everyone, I’ve found some pretty nice stuff for you to check out today. There are a couple of very limited items and something that is one of a kind. There’s also another auction in here from PS Museum who has been selling off some really incredible stuff these days. You’ll also find a few autographs today as well. Warm up your PayPal accounts because some of these are going for very decent prices.

American McGee’s Alice Blue Vinyl LP (Ltd 500) – This limited blue LP has been signed by game designer American McGee and composer Chris Vrenna (who also numbered it). There were 500 numbered copies released and this auction is for #264.

Samwise Didier Orc Drawing – Here’s an original drawing by Samwise Didier (Senior Art Director at Blizzard). It’s a classic orc from the Warcraft series and he signed it with a classy “For the Horde” added. I really don’t know why there are no bids on this auction yet…

Metal Sonic F4F Statue (Ltd 350) – *Warning* First please note that the statue is damaged (one leg off) but it can be repaired easily. The damage is affecting the price but the auction isn’t close to being over yet. The statue was a limited run of 350 and this auction is for #126.

Resident Evil 3 Nemesis Framed Capcom Press Release – Here’s the auction from PS Museum I mentioned. It’s an official press release for Resident Evil 3 from Capcom and comes to the buyer framed under glass. It’s something not many people ever get to see.

Super Mario Moustache – Hey look! It’s a moustache in a bag! lol. This is another Super Mario 25th Anniversary item.

Street Fighter II Keychain Set (8) – This is a full set of Street Fighter keychains from Placo Toys. The seller also has a two sets sealed in the blister pack if you prefer to start a collection with those.

Activision Mug – Normally mugs such as this end up scuffed, chipped, and scratched with use over time. This one looks brand new! Something “Mr. Activision” Todd Rogers should be sipping from in the morning. 😛

Mario Mania Mobile – This mobile set is in great shape because it has never been put together. You get the original packaging and assembly instructions too.

Legend of Zelda Mints 18 Tin Display Case – I’m sure everyone has seen these tins of mints around. They’re nice to add to a Nintendo collection but a full display case is even better. Better than this would be a sealed case, but hey… this looks better in a way.

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  • Riku
    Apr 11, 2012

    Dang it, was hoping the Mario Mania would go under the radar :).

    Oooo look at that Activision Mug! *Clicks Add to Watch list*

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