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San Diego Comic Con 2013 Items

Another Con and another batch of nice collectibles for gamers! If you couldn’t make the trip you can always rely on attendees to flood eBay with all the loot they don’t want to hold onto (or the stuff they grabbed up for the sole purpose of selling of course). SDCC isn’t over yet of course so you can expect a lot more to show up over the next few days and extend into next week. Here’s a list of items that caught my eye but be wary of the prices. You kinda have to weigh how much you want it VS how much cheaper future auctions may be.

Good luck guys. 😉

Friday the 13th NES Jason Figure – A figure of Jason Voorhees using the ridiculous purple and blue-green color choices from the NES game.

Mega Man Nintendo 3DS XL Case

Kidrobot Mecha Zangief Figure

Batman Arkham Origins Limited Poster – Limited to 5000 and this auction is for #3087

Blizzard Transforming Zergling Baneling Plush

Halo Mega Bloks Figure

Watchdogs Medium T-Shirt

Batman Arkham Origins DC Room Key

Kidrobot Shin Akuma Figure

Metal Gear Solid Legacy T-Shirt

Average Life of Mario Art Two Re-Print – This series of “Average Life of…” prints are pretty cool. They show heros from comics and games doing awkward or ordinary things.

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