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Scam of the Month?

I thought I’d do a quick post since I just found this one.

A guy is selling both the Gold and Grey Nintendo World Championship carts on eBay. It was a one day auction since there’s only 4 hours left and it just popped up in my searches.

The guys feedback isn’t the greatest, there’s a low starting bid, TWO of the rarest carts video games have to offer, no indication of the numbers tagged with the carts, and both in near mint condition. Aren’t these recycled pictures? By the way, anyone who’s selling treasures like these and offer’s only “First Class International Mail” for $12 needs to reconsider their selling practices.

A good laugh I suppose for the end of the night. If you are somewhat intrigued by this auction, the current bid’s at $760 and only two users bidding on it. But taking another glance at it, perhaps it’s legit and will end for 30k+? I don’t know whats real and whats not nowadays so lets just keep the fun around here :).

Good luck to anyone bidding!

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  • Joseph
    Jun 07, 2011

    I’m going to call it, it looks legit! If I only had the money, this would be a great investment opportunity. Of course, if I did win, I wouldn’t pay right away. I would ask for more pictures and get the opinion of the whole world in a forum or something.

  • Miss_Elle
    Jun 07, 2011

    it went for $3,700.00, I hope for the winner’s sake it’s legit!!!

  • Riku
    Jun 08, 2011

    Hehe… I was trying to make this post as controversial as I could to get some kicks out of you all! You honestly can’t be sure of whats legit with auctions that seem to good to be true.

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