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Sealed Video Games 2nd Anniversary Competition

Over at Sealed Video Games, an interesting competition has started with an impressive prize for the winner. In celebration of the upcoming 2nd anniversary for the site, the prize that has been put up (28 sealed games mix of PAL and NTSC) will be hard earned by looking over 20 different screenshots (which have been modified in various ways) and guess the titles of the games shown. There are a couple of other ways to earn bonus points but you can read all about it at SVG:

SVG 2nd ANNIVERSARY Competition starts today! 28 games as a prize!

SVG 2nd ANNIVERSARY Competition

Below you will find the 20 screenshots that are up for gamers with good memories and wide game experience to identify. You can try to figure them out right here but to be able to join the competition and submit your answers, you’re going to have to check out all the info posted on Sealed Video Games. Good luck all!

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  • kenji
    Feb 24, 2013

    Super cool, I can make out a few of them, but others are really hard.

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