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Seaman 2 Poster, Store Displays, Signs, Standees, and more

Plenty of store display items listed here. I was basically just checking around for interesting auctions for display items that were not available for sale. It’s possible that’s not the case with a couple of them but they are all items not easily found. Check them out and fill a space in your game room lacking a certain something…

PSP Clock – The clock mechanism is broken but other clocks like this basically have the same thing on the back so it should be easy to replace if you know what you’re doing. The hands on the clock reminded me of another Playstation clock…

Playstation 5 Year Employee Service Clock – Complete with original foam packing and plastic wrap. The wood pattern box is a bit lame but the glass clock is really something.

Skyrim Standee Unopened – The picture of the assembled standee is only an example. The standee on auction is still sealed in the shipping box untouched.

We Have Nintendo Sign – “We have Nintendo”… wow. Nintendo was trying to plant their name to replace the words “video games”. That’s pretty clever and it worked for a while during the NES days.

Playstation Window Sticker – Not much to say here. Worth $20?

Borderlands 2 Display Set – Cool set of star displays here for Borderlands 2. Buying it all at once is a bit tough to place in your home to display though.

Metal Gear Rising Display Set with T-Shirt – Similar to the auction above (same seller) but the items on auction here are a bit more impressive such as the banner and the t-shirt.

Max Payne 3 Standee – Only $10

Seaman 2 Poster – You guys may remember Seaman for the Dreamcast but did you know there was a sequel? It was only released in Japan for the PS2 and I don’t believe it did very well. On auction here is a poster for the game which just screams “Japan”. Check out the video below for a bit more.

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