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Secret of Evermore Soundtrack by Squaresoft for Super Nintendo

Up for auction is one of the best soundtracks that I own and have listened to. Secret of Evermore Soundtrack by Squaresoft. If you have played the game then it’s a bonus, but you don’t even have to know of the game to like the soundtrack. Anyone who collects soundtracks from games should have this one in their collection. There’s a certain tone, and feeling you’re in when you listen to the cd. It brings joy and calmness, something we need more in our lifes.

I remember  buying my copy for $250, this one’s only $79 and I’m shocked it wasn’t purchased already. When I received my copy, it was winter, and I remember playing the sweet tunes of SoE in my room. The lights were off and there was thick snow falling from the sky outside my window. The winter breeze was slowly sneaking in through the cracks of the wood around my window, filling the room with cold air. Close to my house is a lamp post, which definitely added to the effect and the mood I was in. I found myself and felt at peace. This is when I knew I made the right purchase…

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