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Sega Dreamcast Complete North American Collection and More

Seller davidleereturns has listed his complete Sega Dreamcast Collection consisting of all 246 N.American titles.

There’s a reserve and a buy-it-now at $7,500. The seller says:

“All 246 North American releases, excludes special edition games like Sonic Adventure Special Edition, Sega All Star Versions, JP and PAL versions of games, except for Headhunter(PAL). Sega Dreamcast limited edition console (system)Sega smash pack version- system is complete with console, 1 controller, RF switch, power cord, web browser 2.0 (brand new), instruction manual and collectors outer cardboard box and inside is the regular Dreamcast box. good condition. All games are COMPLETE – CIB with game disc, case, manual and back artwork (spinecard).”

All the game titles are listed in the auctions description.

Dreamcast Complete North American Game Collection

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