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Sega Dreamcast Memorial Stock Paper

Today’s auction is so cool that it deserved it’s own post! It’s one of those auctions that make you say “wow”.

I have to say that some of the coolest auctions we’ve seen on VGA are always Sega related. I’m guessing it’s because of the attractive blue SEGA logo that boosts the eye candy, or perhaps it might be because of the lovable hedgehog but some of the most obscure items are always Sega related.

Seller 16-Bit has up a Sega Dreamcast Memorial Stock Paper! How freaking cool is that? Just looking at the paper makes you conclude that this is authentic. I believe the picture was of the newely appointed president for Sega of Japanat the time(1997), Shoichiro Irimajiri. The paper has all sorts of certfication such as the presidents signature, logo, and professional presentation (design/protective plastic). There’s even a couple of stamps on the stock paper which I have no idea what they say. This is also for 1 share of Sega’s stock.

This has to be one of the cooler Sega items we’ve seen(and we’ve seen a lot). I mean this Memorial Option paper is dated in 1998. A lot happened in 1998 for Sega and after the whole downfall for them, this was the last system that Sega ever put out. So there’s a lot significance behind this item. The auction is priced at $799 with a best-offer. If it was me, I’d probably sell it for that much considering the rarity of the piece. It’s not everyday you go on eBay and stumble upon a stock for one of the greatest companies in the video game industry.

Auction Description:

“This is a rare option for Sega Dreamcast stock given out at the launch party of the system to well connected people in the video game industry in Japan that were at Sega’s private launch event.. It was originally intended to be redeemed after one year for a gift comparable to the value of one share of Sega. I read on a French collector website that the screws are 24 carat gold, but I can not verify if that is actually the case or not.

It is complete in box. Option itself is in Mint condition. Box is split on a corner.”

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