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Sega Genesis Blockbuster World Championships II Video Game

As you all know this is one of the rarest video game carts in the world. FYI, in 1995 Blockbuster video stores held a video game competition in which these carts were specifically produced by Acclaim; cartridge contains Judge Dredd and NBA Jam. Acclaim would then have all the Blockbusters stores destroy the carts after the competitions were over with since there was no use for them anymore.

Sega Genesis Blockbuster World Championships II Video Game

However, there are some that circulate in the world of video game collecting, and one has popped up again. The seller of this cart says less than 5 have been known to exist.

Seller says:

“Sega Genesis Blockbuster World Championships II Game !

This is an AUTHENTIC game contest cartridge from the Blockbuster World Championships. The FIRST Blockbuster Championship was a Donkey Kong Country Competition cartridge for the SNES.

This version contains timed versions of NBA Jam and Judge Dredd. Less than 5 of these are known to exist meaning it is among the RAREST video game items out there, and is among the top 10 hardest to find video game items in the world. There has not been an actual SALE of this game in many years. eBay asked me to authenticate this (which I attached a letter from a video game store which was inspected by experts of older/vintage stock).

Acclaim, the company that produced this cartridge went into bankruptcy years ago, so there is no way a “stash” of these are going to be found.

This is 100% real and not a bootleg, I have some of the rarest video game items on the planet and under no circumstance is this anything other than authentic. I have attached game play pictures on a Sega Genesis system to show that this cartridge works. FREE Express Mail shipping anywhere in the world. No best offers under five figures will be accepted.”

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