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Sega Genesis Cordless Elite Pre-Production Model, L.A. Noire Promos, Skyrim Statue

It’s funny how sequels and game add-ons can bring up a bit of buzz on eBay for past collectibles related to the game or series. One of the auctions listed here today brought that to mind. The screwy thing with that unfortunately is it also raises the prices for a while. Try not to get caught up in hype about a new entry in a series because many sellers use it to grab up an extra 20%. Just a thought. :/

Sega Genesis Cordless Elite Pre-Production Model – This is not a functioning controller but actually a mock up model of the controller made in pre-production. Option to make an offer is available on this one.

Super Mario Strikers Shirt – Nice touch making it a soccer shirt rather than a simple t-shirt.

Wii U ZombiU Limited Premium Pack – When I set this auction aside earlier today to include in today’s listing, the current bid was a little over $1. It has kinda jumped since then…

Lollipop Chainsaw Standee – Designed to catch the eye and what a job it does! 😛

Crash Bandicoot Plush – There’s a minor hole/scuff and the tag is bent but the first bid on this 12″ plush isn’t bad.

Mega Man Universe Signed Foam Buster – With the cancellation of Mega Man Universe, all promos for the game are more valuable. Not all are signed however.

Life Size Skyrim Statue – One of the epic life sized Sykrim statues. The new DLC for Skyrim has brought some items back to eBay it seems.

L.A. Noire Promos – Several stylish promo items included in this auction and the first bid is $0.99 with no reserve.

Star Fox Pins – Two pins are actually included in this auction. First bid is already in.

Assassin’s Creed Keychain with Sound – The seller started out with 6 but 4 have sold.

Scribblenauts Rooster Hat – Only $12 and 2 are left.

Mario Party DS Graded 90 – This one submitted by Joseph. Thanks bud 😉

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