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Sega Pluto, Stadium Events and Much More!

Good morning VGA readers. I’ve got a few auction submissions which is always nice to get and they’re cool auctions. The “The Last of Us” Press Kit is submitted by Pastor (Thanks!) and the Stadium Events is submitted by Stephen (Thanks!) I also found a Sega Pluto on auction. Apparently there’s only 2 in existence? Not sure about that but here are the details, he has more links in his auction but I removed them from the post other than the YouTube link:

Hello, and thank you for viewing my auction for the Sega Pluto. As you probably already know, this is a very rare (only one of two known) prototype. I have gathered as much information as I can on it, and thank you to everyone for being patient, happy bidding!

  • 2 Controller Ports
  • Flip Top Drive Bay
  • Card Slot
  • Power Button
  • Reset Button
  • Open Button 
  • Netlink Ports
  • Memory Card Slot
  • American Region Locked
  • Sega Saturn Logo on Bay Door 
*Note* Flip Top does not stay closed, as seen in video.
*Note* Flip top does not say “Sega Saturn”, only the logo is there. 
Measurements: Width: 9 inches   Height: 3 1/2 inches   Length: 14 inches
Weight: Estimated at 5 lbs.
Here is a compiled list for refference:
  • Sega Mercury -Sega Game Gear
  • Sega Venus -Sega Nomad
  • Sega Mars -Sega 32X
  • Sega Jupiter – Cart-based 32-bit system; abandoned in planning stages in favor of a disc-based system that became known as…
  • Sega Saturn -Final name.
  • Sega Neptune -32X/Mega Drive combo unit
  • Sega Pluto -Sega Saturn prototype unit featuring a different shell with a NetLink Internet Modem accessory built in. Only two produced. Uses US BIOS.
  • Furthermore, hardware released around the time the Saturn was had codenames based on Saturn’s moons:
  • Titan Sega – Titan Video
  • JanusSega – Picture Magic
Free Shipping within the USA. International bidders, please contact us before bidding.
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