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SEGA Sonic Adventure CHAO Plush, Pheonix Wright Ost, Old Sonic Clock

Good morning VGA readers. Ever dreamed of having your own Video Game Store? I sure have and I’m sure most of you have too. Well the industry is surely dominated by the big names and to enter it on your own is a huge risk but there is a company willing to help your dream come true. The “Elite Games Store Development” will walk you through every step of the process with marketing, a business plan, product, on site training and more. How much does all this cost? Well take a look and see the auction here.

Other Video Game Auctions:

Fallout New Vegas SnowGlobe – Custom made but beautifully crafted and accurate.

Playstation 2 Kiosk – A nice display model for your room. Looks nice in the corner.

Street Fighter II Arcade – Awesome Street Fighter II arcade for $700, but it’s local pick up.

Gameboy 3D Electrical Light Sign – It’s a three dimensional light up, doesn’t appear often or at all.

World of Warcraft Epic Stein Collection – Really nice World of Warcraft Stein collection, limited edition and out of production, a single stein goes for a lot so a whole set on auction at $599 isn’t too bad.

Pheonix Wright Soundtrack – This is all the soundtracks together, it’s a special edition but at a certain price.

SEGA Sonic Adventure CHAO Plush – Plush from the Sonic Adventure 1998 Plush line. It is in MINT/Tagged Condition and has been kept in a glass cabinet since it was purchased.

Pippin World Atmark Bandai Digital Entertainment Apple – Very rare console, only 12000 made and sold back in 1996.

Neo Geo AES System SNK UniBios 2.2 – REI, this modification outputs a near-perfect image via it’s component connectors; also known as Y/Pb/Pr or Color Difference.
Nights Into Dreams Nightopia Dream Pack – If you’re a Nights into Dreams fan this pack includes two shirts, a soundtrack and the Japanese Ps2 version.
Grim Fandango Poster – Original poster never thought Lucasarts would have promotional posters for their games. Would have been cool to have a Monkey Island or Maniac Mansion original poster. I know they have a Monkey Island long shirt promo.
Gears of War 3 Neca Retro Lancer  – A new lancer made by Neca looks really nice.
Sonic the Hedgehog Clock Radio – Wow this is early 90s, typical Sonic from that time. Definitely a nice collectible for the Sega fan and it’s cheap on auction!
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  • Evilmonkey1990
    Aug 29, 2011

    Wow that Grim Fandango poster looks Awsome! Used to play that game as a kid, one of my favorites.

  • kenji
    Aug 30, 2011

    Yes great game like all Lucasarts games for the PC.

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