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Sega Sonic Cels, Photos, Slides and Much more!

Good afternoon VGA readers. We got some really cool sonic auctions on eBay right now ending in a day and a half from cels to photos to slides, really cool stuff here you don’t see everyday. They have low bids right now so I always suggest if you’re interested, know when the auction ends, and snipe the auction manually near the dying seconds, I usually wait with 5-10 seconds left to make my max bid. It’s only been maybe a few times out of hundreds where it messed up, but usually it should works. If it’s an auction you absolutely want, go into a bidding war with 1 min left. Also, make sure that the seller can ship internationally or has the auction open for international bids way before, like even a week to be safe, the last thing you want is to place a bid in the dying seconds only to get a notice that you’re not able to bid, that always sucks. Also, if it’s an auction you don’t see often, maybe once every few years, don’t be afraid to pay more. I once had a chance to win the Chrono Cross Radical music box, but the 50-note version SIGNED with the music note, but I played safe and didn’t bid my max so I lost it, never seen it since, so keep that in mind.

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