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SEGA Sonic the Hedgehog 10th Anniversary Wine Glass

Wow what an auction we have here. This is a Sonic the Hedgehog 10th Anniversary Wine Glass given only to SEGA employees after the release of Sonic Adventure 2 on the 23rd of June 2001. It is signed by the creator of Sonic legends Yuji Naka and Takashi Iizuka. This is the equivalent to having Miyamoto and Koji Kondo sign a collectible. In my opinion this is an extremely rare collectible and hard to put a price on it. If it were me I wouldn’t sell it but people need the money. Any Sega collector has to be a Sonic collector and NEEDS this in his or her collection. I appreciate what Sega has done for the video game industry and this is pretty exciting, having an opportunity to bid on this.

Even Michael couldn’t resist the blue fury hog as seen here in circa 1992.

This is what happens when you invent a videogame character that turns into a hit. You get hot really HOT japanese models. Yuji’s a PIMP.

Takashi doesn’t have hot Japanese models but he looks so cool next to the giant Sonic plush.

If you are interested in this auction click here for SEGA Sonic the Hedgehog 10th Anniversary Wine Glass. You won’t see this anywhere else and if you’re a Sonic fan this is something that you need to get! But….are you willing to spend a lot?

CLICK HERE to buy this!

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  • akira
    Sep 27, 2010

    Very cool glass. The Sonic-blue fabric inside the box is a nice touch.

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