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Sega Watch from 1992, Valkyria Chronicles 2 Uniforms, Princess Peach Collectibles

Sega of America has been doing an incredible job with their Play for Japan Charity eBay auctions. If you haven’t been following them, some of the collectibles SOA’s listing are really unique.

For example, check out this SEGA Watch from 1992 with Sonic & Tails. This was definitely not an item you were able to pick up from retail stores. One of the Sega employees must have been eating something greasy as you can see finger marks on silver edges :). Other than that, it’s a classy watch that was was made exclusively for SEGA employees in 1992, and was donated by an employee from their personal collection. It has a gold face with the SEGA logo and “’92” on it. It also has classic Sonic & Tails artwork. The watch face also has the day and date on it.  Price is currently at $150. Some other Sega of America Charity Auctions:

Valkyria Chronicles 2 Official Lanseal Uniform – This is an original Lanseal cadet uniform costume that was worn at promotional appearances for Valkyria Chronicles II.
Valkyria Chronicles 2 Official Combat Uniform – Same as above.
Signed Alan Wake Xbox 360 Console – Not a Sega of America auction, but rather an IGDA(International Game Developers Association) auction; Finnish branch.

Other Video Game Auctions:
Princess Peach Huge Collectible Lot – Here’s an odd lot. It’s only for Princess Peach collectibles. There might not be a huge fan base for Princess Peach(I could be wrong), but the base that she has still know a good auction when they see one. Current bid is $50.
Mario Kart Radio Alarm Clock – No box but in excellent shape
Signed Framed Yakuza 3 Poster – signed by the creator himself Toshihiro Nagoshi
Tetris 2 Super Nintendo Store Hanger – I know there’s some Tetris fan’s out there….. where are you guys hiding??
Sony PlayStation 2 signed by KORN – An odd auction for a PS2 signed by Korn. They made some pretty decent tracks I got to admit. Seller won this console off eBay a while back. 1st owner won it from a radio contest.
Official Dead Rising 2 Zombie Action Figure – 0 bids. Really cool action figure to have!
Mega Man The Wily Wars – This game never fails to reach high numbers
Mega Man NES Game Collection Complete – one of the best looking NES MM collections I’ve seen. Everything’s in amazing shape.

Good luck!

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  • Heidi Poe
    Apr 19, 2011

    There aren’t very many Princess Peach collectors, but of the ones I’ve seen, they’re very serious about their collections! There’s a niche market out there for Peach stuff, for sure.

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