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Segagaga Limited Ed, Video Arcade Gum, and Club Nintendo Sound Selection Set

Towards the end of the Dreamcast’s lifespan, Sega released a game unlike anything that has come before it and remains a diamond in the rough to this day. The game is Segagaga; a roleplaying game that showed the world that Sega had a great sense of humor about their position in the console wars. In the game, you play as two teenagers who go into Sega headquarters to design a game to help boost Sega’s profits and beat back the competition. The company that Sega is up against is called DOGMA and there are more than a few hints in the game that show DOGMA is actually supposed to be Sony.

This bizzare game was only available in Japan and this unfortunately means that the game isn’t in english. There are fans out there working on a translation patch however and guides can be found as well.

There’s a limited edition copy of the game on eBay for a good price. In the box, aside from the game itself, you get a t-shirt, a notebook, and something really amazing; a wooden box with 6 pins inside each in the shape of Sega’s console logos and one of the Segagaga cover title “SGGG” logo.

Segagaga Box

This is a great piece of Sega history and any Sega fan should grab it and try to play it.

SGGG Segagaga Limited Edition

I’ve got something for the Nintendo fans out there as well! Here’s a set of 3 music compilation CD’s from Club Nintendo Japan. The tracks on these CD’s are from all kinds of different games. They were selected based on 3 different themes. The Peach CD is “Healing Music” and has stuff like Temple of Time from Zelda Ocarina of Time, Deep Sea of Mare from Super Mario Sunshine, and Victory Podium 4th Place from Wave Race 64. The Koopa CD is “Loud Music” such as Fire Field from F-Zero and Koopa Castle Course from Mario Kart Advance. The Luigi CD is “B-Side Music” which is uplifting music like Rainbow Road from Mario Kart 64, Chill from Dr. Mario, and Corneria from Star Fox.

Club Nintendo Sound Selection Vol 1 2 and 3

It’s a great set of Nintendo music and the CD’s on eBay are all factory sealed and in great shape.

Club Nintendo Sound Selection Vol. 1, 2, & 3

The next item is a boxed set of mini arcades filled with gum. This is a great display item, but the gum wouldn’t be good to chew since it’s very old, lol. The miniature cabinets are in the design of Donkey Kong, Donkey Kong Jr, Zaxxon, Q*bert, and Frogger. Being a fan of classic arcade games, I love items like this.

Video Arcade Gum Box

Arcade Gum Cabinets

The price is high, but the seller is taking offers. It may be tough to make an offer the seller will take, but it’s always worth a try.

Video Arcade Gum Box

CLICK HERE to buy this!

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