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Shadow of the Beast Trilogy – Amiga Games, T-Shirts & Soundtrack

In 1985, video game music took a turn away from beeps and noise to open the way for creative compositions of music to match the game and create deeper atmosphere. Leading the way in terms of video game music was the Commodore Amiga! I have never heard anything like the music shown in Amiga games (before or since). It has a unique quality beyond that age of gaming but still dated in that 80’s style… this makes an amazing combination.

One of the most adored soundtracks in the Amiga library is the Shadow of the Beast series. These games take you to another state of mind while you play. This is due to the music and great graphics. Check it out for yourself…
All 3 games on the Amiga (the best version) are available on eBay right now but there is only one copy of each game. It’s amazing that all 3 can be found at once actually… Here are the links:

Shadow of the Beast

Shadow of the Beast II

Shadow of the Beast III

The auctions for the 1st and 2nd game both come with a T-shirt and the soundtrack for the entire trilogy.
These games are amazing and nearly impossible to finish. If you have access to an old Amiga computer, I suggest you get these before they are impossible to get. If you don’t have an Amiga, well here’s one (complete with extras) available on eBay!


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