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Shadow of the Colossus Signed Fumito Ueda, Starcraft 2 Poker set and More

I have 3 interesting auctions today for display. A Shadow of the Colossus signed by the creator, a Resident Evil a.k.a Biohazard Zippo and a StarCraft 2 Poker set.

I will start with the Shadow of the Colossus signed. To give a short history of the game, it wasn’t very publicized in North America. In Japan they had commercials and generous exposure through posters and collectibles. I’ve covered the rarest Shadow of the Colossus(SOTC) collectible in a past post so if you’re interested in what it is you can search “Shadow of the Colossus” on the VGA website. So the title was pretty big in Japan. However in the U.S it was really by word of mouth. That’s how I got around to playing the game.

It’s a fairly simple concept but at the same time a gigantic game. It’s beautiful landscape, orchestrated music and visuals just leave you breathless. You are a young man named Wander who travels this landscape to battle Colosuss monsters in order to save his love’s life, “how” you ask? Well if you haven’t played the game I suggest you pick up a copy, in fact I suggest you RUN and get a copy. You will be amazed. Then¬† the question will answer itself.

The auction is for a signed copy of Shadow of the Colossus by creator Fumito Ueda. What a find! I told myself one of the autographs I need to get is Fumito’s autograph as I’m a huge SOTC fan. On top of it this auction is for charity. I might place a bid!

Next auction is for a Resident Evil a.k.a Biohazard(Japan) Zippo released in the year of our lord 2000. It’s the 5th Anniversary release. This Zippo appears to be brand new and unused, still in it’s original box. The price is a little high. I’d personally pay 100 dollars for it, not more. But if you need it for your collection email the seller and make an offer.

The last auction is a Blizzcon 2009 Exclusive Starcraft 2 poker set exclusively available at Blizzcon. You weren’t able to purchase this anywhere else. It includes dice, playing cards, chips and more. The SC poker set is becoming a scarce commodity with only a few on ebay. This one is on auction at $100. Good price.

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  • Riku
    Nov 23, 2010

    Nice SOC auction! You don’t see many Fumito Ueda signed items for SOC…

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