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Shantae Game Boy Loose and Random Promos

Today’s post is mostly promo items that would look good in any collection, but I did see that Shantae for the Game Boy Color is up for cheap(cheap in the sense it’s not passed the $100 mark yet). It’s a loose game, but it tends to go past that mark due to the rarity(low print) and demand since it’s such a fun game. It is said that only 13,000 copies were made, and the only credible source for this is the Game Boy mail bag over at IGN.

Shantae was released for Game Boy Color back in 2002, and if you’re like the rest of us who don’t own a copy, there’s currently one for $85 with 2 days left & 10 hrs.

Shantae Game Boy Game Auction

Other Video Game Auctions:

Sonic The Hedgehog Invitations & Thank You Cards – hosting a party? The seller has a whack load of other great Sonic collectibles ending soon.
Vintage Super Mario Brothers Trifold Wallet
Professor Layton’s Rubik Cube – for “The Lost Future”
Factory Sealed Super Nintendo Entertainment System – holy smokes! it’s not VGA rated!
Genuine Leather Nintendo Glove Size Small – how’s that for random?
Metroid Icons Gamer Graffix Wall – I love these! There’s also ones for Twilight Princess and “REmake”.
Relisted Gamecube fold-up Chairs – I think the last one only had one chair. There’s two in this auction.
Starcraft 2 Statue of Terran Marine Tychus Findlay – the cheapest SC2 statue I’ve seen to date! Thanks **Ben!

CLICK HERE to buy this!

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