Capcom Everything Factory Sealed Limited Edition Nintendo Wii U PC Games Plush Posters Prototype Signed Super Nintendo (SNES) The Legend Of Zelda 6

Shaq Fu Prototype SNES, Ni No Kuni Plushes, Signed Ultra Street Fighter IV Poster

Every cruddy game has hopeful beginnings in development and Shaq Fu was no different. In my opinion the game isn’t really as terrible as people say it is but there’s nothing I can say to lessen the reputation Shaq Fu has gained as being one of the worst games ever made. It’s so hated that people collect up and destroy copies of the game (including our very own Bearded Drew) but something far more difficult to find has survived… It’s a Shaq Fu prototype!

Shaq Fu Prototype SNES

Shaq Fu Prototype SNES (Thanks go to Jesse for this find!)

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