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Shenmue Ryo Hazuki Figure, Wii Punch Out Merchandise and More

Here’s a rare Ryo Hazuki Figure submitted by our friend Jake. These were limited edition figures made back in early 2010, and the only way to get yourself one was through the Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing sweepstakes. I’m not sure how the numbers were distributed, but over at Escapist Magazine they said that 75 was available to the US & Canada, while 50 were available in Europe.

Now I’m not sure why some companies do this since I’ve seen it with other limited edition figures/statues, but they didn’t number the figures. If you look at the back of the box it’s written, ” ____ of 1000.” So there isn’t a number associated with any figure although we know only 1000 were made. So if someone’s advertising that they have a low number, now you know it’s “bs” :).

Ryo Hazuki Figure Here

Other Video Game Auctions:
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Star Craft Zerg Building AshtrayCustom! Although you’ll never see an official Starcraft ashtray, I thought this was a cool custom made one.
Punch-out King Hippo Crown – The seller had a bunch of the Punch Out Collector Boxes for sale, but he wasn’t selling them and decided to separate the goods inside. This sucks because I actually wanted to buy a box but never had the money. Now I’m definitely not going to buy each separate item. But for the gamer who doesn’t care check out his other auctions for Punch Out Merchandise! He’s got the King Hippo Punching bag and Doc’s Chocolate Bar.
Punch-out King Hippo Boxer Shorts – Seller got it wrong, it’s not Little Mac Boxers but that of King Hippo

Good Luck!

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  • Joseph
    Jan 17, 2011

    Just get a silver sharpie and right “1” on it!! HAHA!! I’m just kidding ofcourse, but it’s wierd that they didn’t right anything there :/

  • Joseph
    Jan 17, 2011

    Hey Riku, did you ever look on Amazon for that Punch Out Heavy Weight Contendor? Well, they still have it in stock!!! And it’s only $13.00, yup:


    But I also read some of the reviews on Amazon. WHAT!?!?!? The boxers can cause cancer? Holy cow …… O.O ………………not buying

  • Riku
    Jan 18, 2011

    Whoa! Super cool Joseph! Thanks for pointing that out! I think the last time I checked Amazon the price was pretty high for these boxes, and also there was some problem with shipping to Canada. I remember because I was also rejected when I tried purchasing Little Mac’s Glove :(. I will look into this because that’s an awesome price!

  • Kenji
    Jan 18, 2011

    “Just get a silver sharpie and right “1″ on it!! HAHA!! I’m just kidding ofcourse, but it’s wierd that they didn’t right anything there :/”

    Hahahaha ya I was thinking the saaaaaaaaame thing 😉

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