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Shenmue Watch Prize,MGS Signed & Sketched, Atari Stock Paper

Right now on eBay there’s a great auction running for a Metal Gear Solid Premium Package, and the best part about; it’s signed by Hideo Kojima, and sketched by Yoji Shinkawa! From experience, I don’t see too many autographs from Yoji where’s he also takes the time to sketch something. The seller of this great piece also wrote in the VGA forums about how she obtained the signings: “I got it signed at Amsterdam at Kojima’s ’08 world tour for MGS4.I was the only one who got a sketch that day,as I was the first to be there (arrived at 9AM, signing started at 2 PM) and the fact that I showed my tattoos”. There’s also a new price for this piece which is an amazing deal. The price dropped to $300 so any hardcore MGS fans reading this should take a look!

Other Video Game Auctions:

Shenmue Japan Prize TIMEX ATLANTIS Wrist Watch – The seller says that you were only able to obtain this through a contest, and he stresses this is very hard to find. I wonder how many of these watches were made?

1998 Shenmue SEGA Official Promo Tattoo – Same Seller as above, this was a promotional item for the game.
Guilty Gear XX Acent Core Collector’s Edition – This is the “PAL” version. Seller says: “An insanely rare piece, this collector’s edition is limited to just 200 pieces. comes with everything pictured. Don’t pass this up, it’s the ONLY ONE on all of eBay and a must have for any Guilty Gear fan out there.”
Atari Corporation Stock Paper

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  • Miss_Elle
    Jun 08, 2011

    Thanks for making my auction the top auction of this lot

    also, I just LOVE how polite that Japanese guy is in his auctions

  • kenji
    Jun 09, 2011

    Oh you’re the seller of the Shenmue watch?Nice collectible for sure, never seen that before.

  • Riku
    Jun 09, 2011

    *Lol*… no Kenji, Miss_Elle is St.Fuzzyboots. She is the one selling the marvelous MGS signed a Sketched item.

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