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Shinobi 1987 Throwing Star Coasters, Grand Theft Auto V Yoga Mat, Pac-Man Slippers and More!

I love finding old promo items that date way back simply because video game companies didn’t put too much promotion using tangile things. All the spotlight was either on tv, magazines, or conventions. So these Shinobi Thowing Star Coasters are pretty damn sweet. Seller says the coasters are super flexi and soft with no sharp parts so no one can actually get hurt throwing these things around, but I don’t know if you should be doing that since they are 27 years old! there’s some more cool items below such as the Grand Theft Auto yoga mat and the pac-man slippers. Check em out!

Video Game Auctions:
The Legend Of Zelda Skyward Sword SteelBook
Grand Theft Auto V Yoga Mat! GTA 5 Rockstar Games
Assassin’s Creed 4 IV Black Flag CORSAIR EDITION
VideoGame Book How to Win Nintendo Sports Games Strategy Guide Baseball Golf NES
Shinobi (1987) Throwing Star Coasters (Super Rare!!) [Sega, MAME]
Microsoft Xbox One Light Up Foam Tube GLOW STICK
Official Nintendo Star Fox Game Watch 1993 Nelsonic “FRESH BATTERY”
PAX 2013 Cards Against Humanity Fortune Cookie
Super Mario Bros. Shampoo. Vintage 1990’s Nintendo. Princess Peach. 15 oz
vintage 1980s MS PAC-MAN children’s slipper socks NEW IN PACKAGE pac man ghost
Nintendo NES Vtg Z Bag Storage Case, Mario, 10 Game Lot
Pac Man coins Namco
The Legend Of Zelda : Ocarina Of Time Cartridge Case Nintendo64 N64
COMPLETE Vintage 1981 Donkey Kong 200-Piece Jigsaw Puzzle Nintendo Mario
Pacman Plush Set Nameco 4
Nintendo NES Controller Leather Wallet
Sonic the Hedgehog Tear Free Conditioning Shampoo Bath Game Sealed MINT TOY SEGA
Rare Collectible Nintendo Legend of Zelda
New in Box Vintage Game Boy Hip Pouch Carrying Case Gameboy Pink
1980 Pac-Man Inky Pinky Blinky Clyde Set of 6 Glasses

Good luck!

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