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Good morning VGA readers. The weathers getting colder now. Crazy to see how it was really hot two weeks ago, people outside in shirts, tank tops, and shorts, and this week, fall coats, even winter coats because it was cold. Well, with winter snow comes more gaming 🙂 For me it would specifically be multi-player. I’m currently playing Gears of War: Ultimate Edition online and it’s awesome. I’m never really into the story modes, doesn’t stimulate me as much, i need competition, human competition, not bots. With that said I have a mix of auctions you may find interesting. Have a look, and don’t forget to add a comment!

Video Game Auctions:

ULTRA RARE Chrono Cross Playstation Promo Poster Squaresoft Trigger Square Enix

Super Mario 64 Sunglasses **NEW FACTORY SEALED** N64 Nintendo 64

Okami HD sakura cherry blossom snow globe Limited Edition e-Capcom exclusive US

Nintendo PowerFest 94 Tournament Finalist Duffle Bag PowerFest94 NWC Competition

Super Mario RPG Geno Figure Lot Rare

Zelda Sound & Drama Super Nintendo Original Japanese Soundtrack Complete Mint

Biohazard Limited Edition Sega Saturn Poster 1997 Capcom Japan

SQUARE Millennium Collection 11 titles complete set PS Play Station JAPAN 785


Ultra rare Sierra Space Quest jacket patch

Nintendo PowerFest 94 Cyclones Team Jacket NWC World Championship Power Fest

Brand New Factory Sealed Capcom Mega Man 9 NES Cartridge Edition Press Kit Rare

Extremely Rare Xbox Promotional Inflatable Sofa Couch

Resident Evil Biohazard Chris Refield Code Veronica S.T.A.R.S Winter Jacket Coat

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