Japan Import Limited Edition Merchandise Nintendo (NES) Promotional Items Signed The Legend Of Zelda

Signed Bioshock Statue, FF Cactuar Ukulele, Yuna Wedding Statue, Viva Pinata Horsatchio Press Promo and More!

Good afternoon VGA readers. I’ve got a ton of great auction submissions to share with you. Let start of with auction submissions from Nightram over at Video Game Memorabilia Museum. You can check out his website for updates on cool collectibles. Currently Nightram has featured the Doom statue thats limited to 350 pieces world wide and being released in Q4. You can also browse through the vast collection of collectibles in the database. Some of the auctions submitted to us include the Far Cry 2 Lighter, Clock Tower 2 promo watch, Viva Pinata Horsatchio press promo and a few others. Really cool stuff! I also received auction submissions from Curt with the Bioshock Statue, Dave with the Legend of Zelda Sword Replicas (Custom made), Kefkasdomain with his auctions ending today, and a COOL Final Fantasy Cactuar Ukulele from Jedi(SUPER COOL). Thanks for all your submissions guys. See you tomorrow!

Video Game Auctions:

– The Legend of Zelda – Master Sword and Dark Link’s Sword – Custom Steel Replicas

– Viva Pinata Horsatchio press promo Microsoft rare crate e3 mint xbox 360 launch

– Fallout 3 bethesda press promo e3 view master slides rare simtech 1000 vault tec

– Resident Evil Outbreak promo press survival kit mask bag sealed E3 mint CAPCOM

 Far Cry 2 lighter press promo item mint E3 Ubisoft 2008 PS3 360

– Bioshock EP OST soundtrack rapture records infinite press promo 2K E3 mint moby

– Clock Tower 3 watch E3 press promo PS2 Capcom MINT rare

– Pikmin Garden Nintendo gamecube promo press E3 plant mint complete mario Olimar

– Final Fantasy X Yuna Wedding Statue Cold Cast BRAND NEW Squaresoft Square-Enix

– Castlevania Symphony of the Night 1st Edition Poster Original Display Konami 97′

– Duck Tales 2 Complete NES Nintendo Capcom Disney McDuck

– Final Fantasy V 5 Music Box Squaresoft 1992 Japan Mint Super Nintendo SNES

– Gradius Music Box Konami Nintendo 1994 by King Records Japan RARE NES

– Mega Man 4 Complete Plush Set Dr. Wily Rush Proto Pharaoh Megaman CAPCOM 1991

– Castlevania Koji Igarashi Autograph Signed PSP Dracula X Chronicles Authentic

– Final Fantasy VII 7 Aerith Model Resin Cast Kit Statue Squaresoft KOTOBUKIYA NEW

– Punch-Out!! (Gold Cartridge) Famicom/NES JP GAME

– VERY RARE – Signed BioShock Sander Cohen Collectible Statue – #98 of 110

– Final Fantasy Ukulele Cactuar Pampa Sabotender Square RARE

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