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Signed Bioware Star Wars KOTOR Caps, Nintendo 64 Glowatch, and more

Just throwing out a few quick ones for today for you guys to check out. You’ll find some promo items and store displays but the first auction listed is pretty interesting. The autographs and the caps themselves can reach out to attract collectors interested in Star Wars, BioWare, or even Mass Effect related items.

Signed Bioware Star Wars KOTOR Caps – Two caps signed by BioWare founders Ray Muzyka, Greg Zeschuk, and Knights of the Old Republic director Casey Hudson (who is also executive producer for the Mass Effect series). No mention of where or when they were signed though.

Super Mario Land Soundtrack – After months of playing Super Mario Land when I first got my original Gameboy, the soundtrack to the game was eternally burned into my memory.

Club Nintendo Animal Crossing Tape – Sealed in the original bag.

Nintendo Wii Dog Tags and Lapel Pins – The box is included but it’s a bit damaged.

Nintendo 64 Glowatch – There are a few scuffs on the face of the watch but the strap is in surprisingly good shape for a used watch.

Nintendo DS Polo – A promo shirt for the launch of the DS used in stores.

Soulcalibur II Wall Scroll – About 5 feet long and has been well kept by the looks of it.

Nintendo Book 2002 Autumn Issue with DVD – I believe the DVD contains some demos for a few games. You’ll need a player that can read Japanese DVD’s of course though.

Playstation Portable PSP Sign – A nice 4 foot long plastic banner. It comes in two pieces.

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