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Signed Crash Bandicoot Concept Art Prints, KoF Billy Kane Jacket, and the Overkal

Some pretty interesting stuff to check out today. We’ve got some signed concept art, press kits, and piece of random video game history. The first few were submitted by a couple of our readers and the first one really caught me off guard! Thanks Leon, this is awesome…

King of Fighters Billy Kane Jacket – Billy Kane is often by first KoF pick when kicking my brother’s ass. lol… Pretty sweet jacket.

King of Fighters 10th Anniversary Limited Pins Set – This set of 5 pins from Kotobukiya were a limited numbered release of 2000 and this auction’s got 3 sets up (sold individually).

Sonic Adventure Neutral Chao Plush – This auction was sent in by Alan and these chao plushes are very collectible; often calling for high bids.

The next few auctions are great but note they are all prints. These aren’t the original sketches.  They have been signed by Andy Gavin in person however (Crash Bandicoot creator and co-founder of Naughty Dog).

Signed Crash Bandicoot Concept Art Prints

Signed Crash Bandicoot Neo Cortex Concept Art Print

Signed Crash Bandicoot Wombat Ruff Concept Art Print

Sonic the Hedgehog Prototype Figure – One more from the same seller as the prints above! First bid at $0.99.

Overkal (Odyssey Clone) – How many of you guys have heard of the Overkal? It’s a clone of the Odyssey from Spain made in the early 70’s. This auction is not only for this very rare console but the box and almost all extras and inserts as well.

The last auctions today are for some press kits. Always (well… almost always) full of very interesting items for fans of the game!

Limited Prince of Persia Press Kit

Assassin’s Creed III Press Kit

Mortal Kombat Press Kit

Uncharted Drake’s Fortune Press Kit

CLICK HERE to buy this!

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