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Good morning VGA readers. I’m going to be listing auctions submitted by our friend Joseph. The auctions include another Super Metroid soundtrack, a few game banners and a few signed games.

Let’s start off with the Super Metroid Soundtrack for the Super Nintendo. We just featured one a few days ago, and also stated how rare it is. Well it’s a common trend on eBay, when one rare items shows up, others seem to follow. Joeseph has found another Super Metroid Soundtrack but it’s on auction currently $10. I know I’ll be watching this closely. It’s made by Nintendo and released in 1994.

Next auction is for Mass Effect Collector’s Edition Signed. It’s opened but contains everything, and it also comes with an autograph by composer Jack Walls which is always a nice bonus for those who are big fans of the game. The seller has a reserve price and it’s currently at $150. If the reserve price is met the seller will throw in a custom Xbox 360 Mass Effect face plate.

The same seller also has a nice Call of Duty World at War Collector’s Edition signed by the entire Activision Development Team. Like his other auction there is a reserve price and it’s currently at $50. The game does not include the Day 1 DLC code.

Other auctions:

Fallout 3 Collector’s Edition Signed

Halo Reach Banner

World of Warcraft Banner

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