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Signed Items – Space Ace, Castlevania, Ultima, Halo, Tron, and Civilization

Everyone can appreciate signed collectibles. It’s the idea that someone who made the game, designed the characters, or wrote the story actually held your item in their hands and then signed it. How many people bought something signed by someone famous and then just stared at the signature for a while at your first look. Value is certainly raised once something has been signed, but some sellers can go crazy with the idea of the increased value. I’m pleased to say that every one of the auctions below are at a great price.

Space Ace Press Kit

Here’s a press kit for the laserdisc classic Space Ace. Don Bluth’s animation is enormously famous and for good reason. It’s very unique compared to other animation styles. This press kit comes with photos from production, animation cells, and a signed photo of Don Bluth himself.

Don Bluth

The seller explains that the autograph has a different sheen to it which suggests it’s the real deal rather than just being part of the printed image. I’m not sure if every press kit that was made had a real autograph included, but if there weren’t many made (say 100 for example), then it wouldn’t be impossible for him to have signed each photo. You can find the auction here: Space Ace Press Kit Signed by Don Bluth

Here are some more signed items. Each one is very different from the other…

Ultima VI Limited 10th Anniversary Edition Signed – This 10th anniversary copy of Ultima VI was only available by pre-order and it has been signed by Lord British and the chief artist for the Ultima series; Denis Loubet.

Castlevania the Belmont Legacy #1 Signed – Here’s issue #1 of the Castlevania the Belmont Legacy comic series and it has been signed by the author Marc Andreyko. The seller has more than a few of these. I guess they cornered Andreyko one day and had him sign them all lol.

Civilization the Board Game Signed – This board game version of Sid Meier’s Civilization has been signed by Kevin Wilson; the game designer. All proceeds from this auction will go to the Greater Ozarks chapter of the Red Cross.

Halo Rewards Litho Signed – This lithograph was only available through the Halo Rewards Points program and it has been signed by Todd McFarlane and Greg Capullo. It also comes with a certificate of authenticity.

Tron Legacy Signed Blu-Ray – The director and producer of Tron Legacy have both signed this Blu-ray copy of the movie. The seller is also including a poster and a Sam Flynn figure!

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