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Skyrim Launch Party T-Shirt, CoD Modern Warfare Backpack, Limited WoW Watch

Congratulations to Clan of the Gray Wolf for making their goal of $10,000 and going beyond. The money everyone donated went to the American Cancer Society and they will be putting it to great use!

We have a few cool items listed here today. Every auction (at this moment) are all under $100, so we have some easy buys up. Check it out guys…

Control Freak Nintendo Hat – This hat is hard to find in stock these days and the buy-it-now price is actually slightly lower than what you may find when it was new.

Limited World of Warcraft Watch – The watch was a limited release in China of 9,999. It comes it a great box and this watch is #2,380 of 9,999. First bid is only $10

Punch-Out!! Amazon Bonus Items – Included in the box is an inflatable punching bag, a King Hippo crown replica, Doc’s chocolate bar, and some boxer shorts!

Call of Duty Modern Warfare TF-141 Backpack – Whoa, you can get a lot of use out of this bag. The bidding has begun.

Asura’s Wrath Promo Hat – I love it when a promo hat is designed to make the wearer look ridiculous lol.

Tron 2.0 Signed Poster – This poster was signed by Cindy Morgan who starred in the original Tron movie. She also did some voice acting for the Tron 2.0 game.

Elder Scolls V Skyrim Launch Party T-Shirt – Not many of these are out there. It was given out at the Skyrim launch party in LA.

Pac-Man Board Game – This board game is complete and almost in absolute perfect condition…

Halo Reach Game Display – This display would be found on the counter tops of various game stores. It’s designed to hold multiple copies of the game to put them up for grabs!


CLICK HERE to buy this!

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