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SlayerS Exclusive EXR Keyboard Bag Autographed by BoxeR, Framed E T Atari 2600 Promo

Today’s first auction is for an EXR keyboard with a case signed by pro Starcraft gamer Lim Yo-Hwan (a.k.a. BoxeR). Lim is an e-sports legend from South Korea who has accomplished a great deal from Starcraft Brood War to Starcraft II. If any of you have watched pros at his level play, you might be interested in this auction…

SlayerS Exclusive EXR Keyboard Bag Autographed by BoxeR

SlayerS Exclusive EXR Keyboard Bag Autographed by BoxeR – The auction still has a little less than a week for bids to come in but it has already taken off.

Halo 2 Master Chief Muckle Statue – New in the box but very much worthy of display.

Xenosaga Episode II Poster – You don’t see Xenosaga collectibles that often. The price is a bit much but you can make an offer.

Hitman Absolution Oversize Poster – A five foot tall poster very clean looking; meaning it’s not full of “pre-order now!” and such.

Framed E. T. Atari 2600 Promo – This isn’t a simple comic page ad. It’s an 11 x 17 magazine promo framed under glass (or plastic or something).

Bionic Commando Lunch Box – Gotta love the quote on the back of this lunch box.

Pac-Man Midway Visor – A vintage item with expected wear.

Banjo Kazooie Soundtrack with T-Shirt Sealed – Still factory sealed, this odd combo choice includes the soundtrack and a t-shirt.

Mirror’s Edge Messenger Bag – First bid is in at $0.50.

The last few auctions for today are double sided Atari cut-out promos. These aren’t re-prints and are in surprisingly nice condition.

Super Breakout Two Sided Cut-Out

Yars’ Revenge Two Sided Cut-Out

Tempest Two Sided Cut-Out

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  • Robin
    Mar 22, 2013

    The atari joystick has never looked so phallic…Completely ruined E.T. for me.

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