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SNES Dev Unit, GameCube Q, Shadow of the Colossus Statue and more

Good morning VGA readers, hope you put your clock ahead an hour. If you went out last night, the bars and clubs closed an hour earlier which is a disapointment to a fun night. Anyhow I have some great auctions for you readers who just got up. So let’s get into it…

First auction is for SYLPHIA for the PC Engine. It’s a Japanese import but you don’t need toknow Japanese inorder to play this. It’s considered one of the best shooters for the system and is considered rare. According to the seller it rarely pops up on eBay. Judging from the price it’s going at I believe him. As well it compares to the NES title “Legendary Wings”. It looks very similar but with Turbo Duo Grafix 16 graphics. It looks like a lot of fun. Check out a clip here.

Other Video Game Auctions:

Shadow of the Colossus Statue – This statue is by Kotobukiya and one of my favorite video game statues. The statue includes wanderer, the base, the Colossus and the large bat. Unfortunately this one has a crack on the back, where if you remember from the game, you climbed up mid point to a sort of “base” and can stand there? Well on the back that was chipped but repaired.

StarFox Super Weekend – Another StarFox SW cart. These seem to pop up more often then not, and people are still bidding high on them. It’s established value, that’s all. Sure I’d like to get one too but I wouldn’t pay more than $100 for it.

Final Fantasy VIII Dance Scene Cold Cast – Great cold cast, one I am looking to get, but this one has a fault. A little part of the balcony broke off, was repaired, but will never be the same again, what a shame. The price is right for a faulty cold cast.

Super Nintendo Dev Unit – Holy smokes it started at $900 and there’s already a bid.

Nintendo Gamecube Q – I dedicated a post to this a while back, do a search to find more info on it. It’s from Japan with superior sound quality. This one comes fully loaded.

Virtual Lab – A Virtual Boy game Japanese import, extremely rare, check out how high it is!

Sega CDX Lot – Huge lot of 50 games including Snatcher. Nice auction and reasonable price… will go higher for sure.

CLICK HERE to buy this!


  • Akira
    Mar 13, 2011

    As you know very well, I plan on getting that SOTC statue someday. The price always seems reasonable but wasn’t the original price on release something like $40? I’m not left with many choices since I didn’t buy on release, but damn that sucks.

  • Joseph
    Mar 13, 2011

    Yeah, they can get quite pricey nowadays 🙁 It’s an extremely nice looking statue though!

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